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  • Monova Section 8 – PS3

    18 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Far away from the prying eyes of the war-fearing citizens who make up the bulk of peaceful society, a battalion of armor-clad soldiers stages needless battles in desolate environments. Section 8 is a generic look at the struggles futuristic space marines will have to go through, but despite its uninspired trappings, the… Continue reading "Monova Section 8 – PS3"

  • Monova TimeShift – PS3

    38 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments TimeShift empowers players with the gift of time manipulation, including the ability to slow down, stop and rewind the world around them, allowing them to move freely while opponents and game objects are frozen in time. Featuring complex time control puzzles as an integral part of gameplay, TimeShift takes first-person action games… Continue reading "Monova TimeShift – PS3"

  • Monova Fall Out 4 – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Fallout 4‍ ’​s gameplay is similar to that of Fallout 3, with a camera that can switch from first to third person view, but is supposed to feature more appealing gameplay, featuring a split-piece armor system, base-building, a dynamic dialogue system, in depth crafting system which implements every lootable object in the game, and much… Continue reading "Monova Fall Out 4 – PS3"

  • Monova The Order 1886 – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Played in a third-person perspective, The Order: 1886 is an action story-focused shooter game where players journey through linear set paths in each level to complete the story. Players take control of Galahad, a knight of ‘The Order’. Players defeat human and werewolf-like creatures, using a varied selection of firearms. Players complete puzzles and… Continue reading "Monova The Order 1886 – PS3"

  • Monova Grim Dawn – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments There is deceptively simple in action-RPG Grim Dawn and like most who have tried to bring down the crown of Diablo over the years. It is not enough to simply fill the screen with only the enemies to pop them open like a bloody sheet of bubble wrap; art comes sharpening the atmosphere, the… Continue reading "Monova Grim Dawn – PS3"

  • Monova Lineage Eternal – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Lineage Eternal is a medieval fantasy, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) released in the US in 1998 by the developer of the South Korean computer game NCsoft. It is the first game of the Lineage series. It is most popular in Korea and is available in Chinese, Japanese, and English-language versions. The… Continue reading "Monova Lineage Eternal – PS3"

  • Monova Pes 2016 – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments There is a clear difference between these players and someone like Raheem Sterling, who has rhythm whippet-like, but it means its light accumulation outmuscled much more easily. You could win the odd free kick with a little trickery, but if you intend to use his pace, you are better to play the ball behind… Continue reading "Monova Pes 2016 – PS3"

  • Monova Shenmue 3 – PS3

    Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Dubbing is worthy of special mention, as it finally lays to rest the ghost of Shenmue 2 English dub for Xbox, with credible, emotional gravitas filled with Nolan North as Ryo and Troy Baker Lan Di. In an outreach smile nod to the past imperfect, a beggar in the street called after ‘No? OK,… Continue reading "Monova Shenmue 3 – PS3"