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  • Monova NHL 08 – PC

    7 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments If you’ve been following EA’s sports game releases on older consoles and the PC over the last couple of years, the following sentence should be of absolutely no surprise to you: NHL 08 on the PS2 and PC is a lot like NHL 07. Once again, EA has phoned it in on… Continue reading "Monova NHL 08 – PC"

  • Monova NHL 09 – PC

    7 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments There are few moments in any sports video game more satisfying than scoring a goal in NHL 09. It’s more than aiming top-shelf and pressing a button before the goalie gets into position. No, you have to outmaneuver the defense with quick skating and smart passing, work your way into scoring position,… Continue reading "Monova NHL 09 – PC"

  • Monova Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – PC

    17 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Don’t call it Onimusha 4. This latest installment in Capcom’s flashy samurai action adventure series delivers the same impressive presentation and fast-paced combat fans have come to expect. And it’s a significantly bigger game, sucking up two discs’ worth of demon killing and chatty cutscenes. About the only thing missing are celebrity… Continue reading "Monova Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – PC"

  • Monova Test Drive Eve of Destruction – PC

    17 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Ask yourself this question: Can you honestly remember the last time you enjoyed a real-life demolition derby, let alone a demolition derby video game? The derby itself has become antiquated, and as far as games go, tried-and-true demolition derby games have pretty much been outshined and outclassed in recent years by crash-happy… Continue reading "Monova Test Drive Eve of Destruction – PC"

  • Monova WRC 3 – PC

    13 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments The game includes a revamped physics model allowing players to feel the same emotions of a driver racing a real WRC car. Although car behavior on track is really close to reality and gives experienced users a very satisfying feeling, WRC 3 offers a set of driving helps (Auto-Brake, Auto-Transmission, Braking Assistance,… Continue reading "Monova WRC 3 – PC"

  • Monova Quake 4 – PC

    11 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments The next-gen chapter of id’s infamous shooter series (built on the DOOM 3 engine) for consoles and PC systems. In the game, you are Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad and Earth’s valiant invasion force. Fight alone, with your squad, and in hover tanks and mechanized walkers as you engage… Continue reading "Monova Quake 4 – PC"

  • Monova Race Injection – PC

    10 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments RACE Injection marks the final chapter of the RACE series and includes classic cars, formula racers, and touring cars.   Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files. Share Tweet Share Share Email 60 Comments

  • Monova XCOM Enemy Unknown – PC

    12 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, victory is sweet–but it’s so much sweeter when it arrives after a heart-wrenching standoff. With each turn, the newest entry in this beloved strategy series heightens the sense of tension, and each defeat of a hovering alien craft thus becomes cause for celebration. But don’t get too intoxicated… Continue reading "Monova XCOM Enemy Unknown – PC"

  • Monova Beyond Atlantis II – PC

    18 Shares Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments You play as a “young archeologist” (the game never names the protagonist) who is searching for a lost Egyptian tomb thousands of miles from Egypt. When told that Egypt is far away from her target location, she responds matter-of-factly: “Yeah, I noticed.” At least Beyond Atlantis II makes it clear early on… Continue reading "Monova Beyond Atlantis II – PC"